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PCS 750 Power Control System

PCS 750 Power Control System

  • Multi-mode Utility Interactive Inverter
  • Bi-Directional Power Converter for Distributed Energy Resources in Grid or Island Modes
  • Grid Isolation Transformer Included
  • Intelligent Power Controls
  • Touch Screen LCD Display w/ integrated intelligent power controller & EMS
  • Integrated Liquid and Air Cooled System
  • DC Contactors and AC Fused Disconnect Included
  • Fast response for power injection, grid and island transfer modes and black start capable
  • MODBUS, CAN Interfaces


Model PCS 750
Application Energy Storage / PV
On-Grid Modes Constant Voltage
Constant Current
Constant Power
Off-Grid Mode AC voltage support/grid forming
Power Factor Range ± 0.75
Multi-Unit Paralleling On-grid mode
Rated Output (kW/kVA) 750
System DC Input
Voltage Operating Range (Vdc) 500 to 1100
Maximum Input Current (Adc) ± 1500
System AC Input
Utility Grid Voltage (Vac) 480, Optional: 208, 400, 600
Specify upon ordering
Utility Grid Frequency (Hz) 50/60
Max Rated Utility Grid Current (Aac) 1002A @ 480VAC (60 Hz)

Other Specifications
THD for Linear Loads <5%
Maximum Efficiency >95%
Grid Isolation Galvanic, Included
Cooling Air and Liquid Heat Exchanger, included
Communications Protocols Modbus RTU, CAN-bus
Communication Interfaces RS-232, RS-485, CAN-bus, Analog
Weight (lbs) 4500
Dimensions (inches) 126.5 W x 40.8 D x 89.9 H
Environmental Rated NEMA 3R Optional
Certifications Designed to UL1741, Certification Pending
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